[Live Streaming] The Trial 2021 (Not Available in Hong Kong)

Danny Yung’s Archive of Zuni’s Experimental Theatre Restructuring Images Series

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(The Streaming is NOT available in Hong Kong)


“It was the first time for me to hear my own music and sound interacting with various elements on stage in theatre” --- Steve Hui aka Nerve


 “Every time when I worked with Danny Yung, I ended up feeling like seeing myself through the mirror suddenly” --- Benny Woo


 Steve Hui and Benny Woo are Danny Yung’s long-term sound and video design partners. This year, Both of them are working on deconstructing and reconstructing Danny Yung’s classic work in 1994, The Trial, and creating The Trial 2021. Starting from Steve Hui worked as backstage and designing sound for Danny Yung’s The Trial 1994 to Benny Woo joined Zuni and began the journey of learning and creating visual art, the reconstruction after 27 years is their search, reading, response, deconstruction, elaboration and trial of sound and video in the experiment theatre.


 Trial 2021 is the latest reconstructive work of Zuni Experimental Theatre Arts Archive: Danny Yung - Reconstructing Image Series. Zuni Experimental Theatre Arts Archive: Danny Yungcollected and edited precious data of Danny Yung’s experimental theatre works from 1978 to now, and the Reconstructing Image Series of Zuni Icosahedron are inviting young or experienced artists to deconstruct and reconstruct Danny Yung’s works.


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Creative Team
Artistic Director & Curator: Danny Yung
Creative Reconstructure/ Directors: Steve Hui (aka Nerve) on Music, Benny Woo on Visual
Live Performers: Liu Xiaoyi, Steve Hui


ticketing@zuni.org.hk / (852) 2566 9696 / WhatsApp at (852)6023 8688


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  • Running time approximately 60 minutes with no intermission
  • The streaming link will not be accessible from Hong Kong
  • The streaming link will not be accessible once the live broadcast is complete. Online audience members who have purchased streaming tickets will be able to use the same link to replay the show between 5:00pm, 21 November 2021 and 10:00pm 22 November 2021, Hong Kong time.
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